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Theoretical Physics
linkPfeil  Phenomenology
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hollik

Our currently established knowledge of elementary particles and their interactions is represented by the Standard Model of particle physics. The Standard Model is mathematically described by a remarkably compact formula, ...

linkPfeil  String Theory
Prof Dr. Dieter Lüst

The String Theory group at the MPP is investigating several aspects of string theory, its relation to quantum field theory, in particular to gauge theories and to the Standard Model. Furthermore, members of the group are ...

linkPfeil  Particle Physics and Cosmology
Prof. Dr. Georgi Dvali

The main focus of the research is to understand the fundamental structure of elementary particle physics and gravity and to establish connections with observations performed at various scales, such as in collider or table-top ...

linkPfeil  Theoretical Astroparticle Physics
Dr. habil. Georg G. Raffelt

Elementary particle physics relates in many different ways to fundamental questions about the universe. What is the physical nature of dark matter that dominates the dynamics of galaxies and cosmic structures? How should ...

linkPfeil  Gauge/Gravity Duality
Prof. Dr. Johanna Erdmenger

String theory provides new relations between quantum field theories (gauge theories) on the one hand and classical gravity theories on the other. These relations are dualities since they map strongly coupled gauge ...

linkPfeil  String Theory and its Effective Physics
Dr. Thomas Grimm

String theory provides the fascinating opportunity to study a theory of quantum gravity which includes all known fundamental interactions. The current formulation of the elementary string theories, unifying in a mysterious ...

linkPfeil  Advanced Mathematical Methods for Particle Physics
Dr. Pierpaolo Mastrolia

Particle Physics is the study of objects that cannot be hold in one place, either because they escape at the speed of light or because they don't last long enough. Therefore the only possibility we have ...

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