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MPI's experimental research focuses on investigating the fundamental constituents of matter, their intrinsic properties and interactions, and their role in astrophysics.

linkPfeil Experimental Physics
We are involved in experiments at the large particle accelerators at CERN (Geneve, Switzerland) and at DESY (Hamburg, Germany). In addition, MPI's scientists are contributing to a number of non-accelerator and astroparticle physics projects at various locations, most notably La Palma Observatory (Canary Islands, Spain) and Gran Sasso Underground Laboratory (Italy).

linkPfeil Theoretical Physics
Theoretische Physik
We address theoretical aspects of astroparticle physics, phenomenological studies of high energy physics, Field Theory and studies of possible extensions of the Standard Model - in particular Superstring Theory.

linkPfeil MPP Publications
All publications based on work performed by members of the institute are available on the publications-server.

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