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linkPfeil  EU Office
The Max-Planck-Institut für Physik is one of six Max Planck Institutes in Bavaria serviced by the regional EU office. The EU office answers your question concerning the EU Research Framework and supports you in checking your project, compiling your application ...   [more]

linkPfeil  Library
The library serves the members and guests of the Institute. It provides scientific information in the form of textbooks and access to a large portfolio of mostly electronic journals.   [more]

linkPfeil  Electronics Division
The Electronics Division of the Max-Planck-Institut in Munich helps physicists to plan, design, set up and maintain electronic equipment for experiments.   [more]

linkPfeil  Mechanics Division
The core competences of the Mechanics Division are both development and construction of scientific equipment starting from the initial collaboration between scientists, engineers and technicians with simple scetches, further implementation of complex ...   [more]

linkPfeil  Apprenticeship Workshop
Our institute works in the field of fundamental research in particle physics. We explore the smallest constituents of matter and their interactions theoretically and with several research experiments for a better understanding of our Universe. Therefore the ...   [more]

linkPfeil  IT-Service
IT Services at the MPI of Physics (Network, VPN, WLAN, Operating Systems, Computing, User and User Agreement, Data Protection, WWW Services).   [more]

linkPfeil  Employee's Representatives

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